Hi, I’m Nicholas Taylor, I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, possibly the greatest place on earth. I went to Dakota Ridge High and was in band– that’s right I was a band nerd and no, I don’t have any cool “one time at band camp” stories, so don’t ask.

I started writing in October of 2007. I was driving around with a friend and said “hey, I wonder if I can write a book.” So I thought I’d try and write outline and see what happens. Well, I finished the outline and I couldn’t just stop there. I needed to write chapter one and then that would be it. Do you see where this is going? Anyway, after chapter one was done, I had to finish the first book. But I wanted to get input as I went in order to write a better story. I decided to do a podcast of the first three chapters to see what people thought. After the first podcast, I decided that I wanted to continue to do it and more over, I wanted to get a larger listener base. It’s all been a wonderful journey from there.

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Seeker Now Available

Following their raid of a Denver train yard, Seeker and Mage, Faith Penn finds herself in over her head. Her brother and the Denver Police Department are depending on her to find the leaders of a criminal organization, all the time while trying to keep her family and friends safe. Things are more dangerous than ever as she learns that finding the enemy is only the beginning.

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What I'm Working On

Healer (Contractor #3)

Where I'm at: Revisions

Right now I’m working on the revisions for the next installment of the Contractor series. This story takes place right after Seeker ends, and should be a blast. I’ve enjoyed working on Healer and working on a slightly different spin to what we’ve seen so far in the Contractor books. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys think of it when it comes out. I hope to have Healer out during first half of 2015.


Invasion on Erie Prime

Where I'm at: First Draft

This is the book that I am currently writing and is the first science fiction book I’ve written. It’s a fast paced military sci-fi novel. It’s been a total blast to write and I’m looking forward to releasing it. I haven’t completely made up my mind with how I’m going to release this book, so right now there is no tentative pub date.



Where I'm at: Planning

This is going to be a new Epic Fantasy series. Yay! Right now the working title for the series is Brilliance but that is likely to change. These books are in the early planning phase so I have no information at all on when they’ll be out,  or how many books will be in the series. I’m looking forward to getting back to my epic roots and I hope you guys enjoy the books when they come out.


The Legon Series

The Contractor Series

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